Your-O-Vision 2021 - The Results!

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Your-O-Vision 2021 - The Results!

May 17 2021
This Saturday we had our annual Stonewall Your-O-Vision Event! It was a phenomenal perfect party with an amazing awesome audience! We had games and fun while listening to this year's Eurovision songs! Here are the results of our games:

1st place - Hoar/AmandaTLevi
2nd place - ThoronDarekMoogie
3rd place - GXV3/Gareth

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The Stonewall Eurovision Voting winner was "Je Me Casse" from Malta, shortly before the runner-up "Mata Hari" from Azerbaijan, who won our voting last year. And in third place came the "Discotheque" from Lithuania. View all results in the screenshot below or watch the whole scoreboard animation in this link!

We had so much fun, thank you everyone who joined in and had fun too!

Now Tuesday and Thursday will be the Semifinals and then Saturday the Grand Final. We're so excited! And we just can't hide it! Sadly, we learned the youtube stream will not be available in the US, but here are two links with information on how to watch it where:
Eurovision Viewer's Guide
Watch Eurovision

May 18th Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final One
May 20th Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final Two
May 22th Eurovision Song Contest Semi Grand Final
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