STEP COUNT CHALLENGE: Passage of the Suna shards

Gareth GXV3


STEP COUNT CHALLENGE: Passage of the Suna shards

November 23 2021

Well done to all who took part in this years step challenge.
Below are some details of how you all did!
Congrats!! everyone won something!!


SUNDAYS top Steppers!!

1. @thatindividual (9.4 miles)
2. @wsstks (6.3 miles) 
3. @Traull (6.1 miles)
4. @furioustoast (5.7 miles)
5. @nicholasjohn16 (5.6 miles) 
6. @Maupin (5.3 miles) 
7. @Zander_Hawk (5 miles) 
8. @Jspectre (4.8 miles) 
9. @georgiadawg83 (4.7 miles) 
10. @Voleron (3.4 miles) 
11. @Vriess (2.9 miles) 
12. @Niko (2.6 miles) 
13. @Saintplazma (2.5 miles) 
14. @Balduranne (1.83 miles) 
15. @Calx (0.99 miles) 
16. @joystickjoshy (0.95 miles) 
17. @Gladiatorpope (0.57 miles) 
18. @Zoxesyr (0 miles) 

collative Total walked today: 69 hehe miles / 111 KM

collative Total walked ALLL WEEK: 531 miles / 854 KM

- The Grand Canyon has a total length of 277 miles along the course of the Colorado River, you guys have walked this nearly twice!

- A male store owner travelled more than 530 miles to punch a female customer who complained about his service in China. (this might have been you)

- You all would have walked from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch in Wales, to Culkein in the Scottish highlands!

- You would have walked the circumference of the Deathstar (first) five and a half times.


Below are the Top steppers of the week, The Challenge ended as soon as you hit the 90k (back home) mark, and no more were counted after you hit that submission.

@necrosmanteia did hit the 90k (Home) first.. but if they would have continued they would have registered a whopping 122,638 steps all this week (mon - sun)
Well done Necro! keep doing it!

Also.. and this deserves a real Hero's Achievement standing ovation 
@Traull back August earlier this year set out on a mighty solo challenge himself, and although he wont speak of it cos he's a moddest Canadian, I think it warrants some notice.
He Raised several thousand dollars for his fav firefighters charity on a cross country run, where he managed to rake in 282,534 steps in just 5 days.
Well done Traull!

Lets get back to our week...

You have ALL won Stonewall Credits.. Credits are added to your account on here, you can find them by clicking on your profile icon, and selecting "Wallet".
you can then use your credits to buy anything you like in the SWC store right here: from steam games to STO items.
Your wallets will be filled within a couple of hours!

So who unlocked the Suna Shard Achievements??.. lets find out..

Well done...

Now lets give out some awards and facts for each of you...
These are all in jest, as a sign of affection for your team effort this week...
Remember this wasnt a race.. it was more about seeing how much you could do and help gather my Suna Shards... because 
.. they are needed...

(Click to enlarge)

And there it is!
the 2021 Step challenge complete! Congrats to you all.. and well done, some of you have surprised yourself.. some of you are just fancy walkers.

One more thing you may have overlooked... the Suna Shards you collected.. what is "Suna" spelt backward?
Glad you had fun in this great passage!

Keep on Stepping!!!!


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Dave (Voleron)


STEP COUNT CHALLENGE: Passage of the Suna shards

November 23 2021
Thank you  @GXV3 for all the work you put into this year's step challenge!  I know that everyone had a lot of fun and it definitely motivated me to walk that extra half hour with the dogs (who also thank you, by the way) and then hop on the treadmill to get in extra steps most every day.  Nowwwww back to drinking and eating chips.

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Joseph Leyland


STEP COUNT CHALLENGE: Passage of the Suna shards

November 23 2021
Thank you Gareth for orchestrating a fun event. I did surprise myself with how many steps I managed to do!
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Jamie Havisham


STEP COUNT CHALLENGE: Passage of the Suna shards

November 23 2021
if there is one thing my existence should teach you, it's that there's always time to drink!
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STEP COUNT CHALLENGE: Passage of the Suna shards

November 23 2021
I do not like 4 indeed! How did you even spot that? 

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