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Stonewall Fleet


The Eighth Annual Pride Weekend

Saturday, July 15th, 2017 - Sunday, July 16th, 2017

Stonewall Fleet is proud to host the Eighth Annual Pride Weekend for the Star Trek Online community. This time of year is a time of great celebration for the GLBT community. Millions worldwide celebrate in remembrance of the Stonewall Riots. The Stonewall Riots were a major changing point in the Gay & Lesbian Rights Movement that not only affected the GLBT community, but the entire world.

For this occasion, Stonewall Fleet will be hosting events throughout July 15th & July 16th. The events will be open to the entire Star Trek Online community and we hope that you and your fleet will come participate.

Join STOPride! To participate in all the festivities and follow along with the days events, please join the STOPride channel! Enter '/channel_join STOPride' to join.

July 15th

July 16th

Pride RaffleAll Weekend

Running all week from now until Sunday 16th, you are able to buy a raffle ticket for your name to be placed in a hat. Tickets are on sale at 200,000 EC each and can obtained in-game from @GXV3 , @Bren , @Wsstks.

Prizes for each place is as listed below:

First Place
Elachi Sheshar Intel Dreadnought Cruiser [T6]
Second Place
50% of the Pot
Third Place
25% of the Pot
Fourth Place
25% of the Pot
Fifth Place
Xindi-Aquatic Narcine Dreadnought Carrier [T5]
Sixth Place
10 SWC
Seventh Place
Eighth Place
Ninth Place
1,998 Lohlunat Favors
Tenth Place
999 Lohunat Favors

Winners will be drawn from a random name selector and recorded for all to see. The first draw name drawn will be for the first prize, the second name drawn will be for the 2nd prize etc. Once your name is drawn from a hat you're a winner, and can no longer win another prize, Raffle Winners will be announced during the Pride Prom.

Opening Ceremonies

Join us to welcome in the Eight Annual Pride Weekend! Hosted at the Stonewall Fleet's Starbase Diversity and telecast to their sister fleet, House of Nagh reD's Starbase Strength, there's room for everyone, no matter the faction! Just ask in the STOpride channel for invite to the appropriate starbase. Admiral @Jacien will begin the weekend with the traditional opening address.

Fleet Actions

The Borg, the Tholians, the Fek'lhri are attacking! They've heard about the Pride Weekend and have decided it must be stop!! Quickly, to your ships captains and help defend the starbase from whatever faction has descended upon us.

Lost Admiral

Our Morale Admiral has gone missing! Help his senior staff find him by figuring out the clues and follow his trail across the galaxy!!

Pride Parade

Show your pride in a parade across the stars. We will soar from our starting location, the Sol System, to our destination across the Beta quadrant, to Qo'Nos! The USS Stonewall will be leading the parade. Don't forget your firework, pets and holoemitters to help show your pride!

Discord Logo
To participate in some events, access to our SGN Discord is required. Instruction on how to join our server can be found here.

Trek Trivia

The Emergency Gameshow Host Hologram (Mark II) is back after having successfully undergone an upgrade to make him compatible with Stonewall's new Discord environment! Pit your Star Trek knowledge against your fellow Stonewallers by joining us for an epic Trek Trivia audio adventure on Discord and in Star Trek Online! Don't be discouraged if trivia isn't your forté! There are plenty of unexpected twists and turns in this trivia experience to give everyone a shot at placing! Everyone who joins us will receive participation prizes while the winners will reap big rewards! There's nothing more entertaining than coming out to be insulted by our snide trivia hologram host!

Draw This

Join us on our SGN discord where we will get together for some out of game fun in an armature artist guess who game. In a SGN only locked room, we will take turns in trying to draw what the computer has asked you to draw while the rest of us have to guess what you are drawing. It's that simple and a lot of fun!

PvE Roulette

What happens when you put all the PvE cues pick one at random and jump in blind? No prep work, no optimizing and clue what the hell we're doing! Just like those random missions the TNG Crew used to go on. And I promise you there will not be an annoying councilor...though we may need one after all this is over.

Movie Night

Once the in-game festivities wind down for the evening, join us for Stonewall movie night! Join us for an LGBT comedy that we'll all watch together online at the same time! Just like being in Tom Paris' movie night re-creation on Voyager's holodeck, we'll share some late night laughs over a great movie in our virtual theater! Remember: no sticky liquids in the theater, please!

Participation in this event requires you have Chrome installed with the Showgoers extension and Netflix.

Video Team Quiz

Join the entire SGN community on our SGN discord where you will be placed into teams, and sent into your team rooms, where an interactive quiz video will be played to you. after the video.. we will let you know who the winning team is!

Winning team will receive 3 SWC each

2nd place Team will receive 2 SWC each

Scavenger Bingo

This event is a twist on two classics: a scavenger hunt and a bingo game. Players will be given a Bingo card that includes different items for each square. Find the items and complete rows to unlock awesome prizes!

Pride Pageant

Join us on the Risa Promenade for our annual Pride Fashion Show! There will be 3 categories:
Swimsuit: Show us your best Pride-themed swimsuit look!
Formal: Strut your stuff in your best date night look and tell us your idea of the perfect STO date!
Pride Duty Uniform: How do you show your Pride when commanding your crew, be creative and show us your best Pride-themed on-duty look! Remember to use color, accessories, items and kit powers!

Pride Prom

This is the formal event of the summer. Dress up in your finest attire and asked the special someone out for a night among the bioluminescent. Hosted at The Cave on Risa, it's the perfect environment for a romantic night of dancing and music.

Grand Melee

Prove your warrior's mettle and compete in our Grand Melee tournament for a chance at honor and glory! ... and SWC's as well. A separate post will be put up soon detailing the rules of the tournament. This is a cross faction event that takes place in private PvP queues.

Shuttle V Carrier PvP

Captains, put down your tropical drinks and race to your shuttles to defend the quadrant from a diabolical admiral and his carrier ship! Band together to bring him to justice and save Risa from his wrath! For this action packed cross faction PVP event, all participating captains will team up against one carrier in their shuttles. Load out your favorite shuttle in you your best gear so we can take this man down! Once we have him back in custody we will be drinking Risian Mai Tai's in no time.

Closing Ceremonies

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and its time to say goodbye to the Seventh Annual Pride Weekend. It goes too quickly. Join us on Starbases Diversity and Strength for one last in-game gathering as we say a few thank yous and part till next year.