How to Get an Invite


Join the SGN. Every member of our fleet is required to register at the Stonewall Gaming Network. You do not need to share any personal information, but you will need to confirm your email address and provide your in-game @handle. The sign up process is quite simple and self-explanatory.


Join the StonewallFleet chat channel. Because we have multiple in-game fleets we have created a single chat channel for all fleet communication. This channel is used to organize teams, ask questions and generally chat. You can find out how to join the channel here.


Ask for an invite. The final step to getting an invite is to simply ask for one! Ask in the StonewallFleet channel for an invite into the fleets. Generally, a Admiral or Fleet Captain are online to invite you into one of our fleets. These ranks have the ability to invite new characters to any fleet. If you have any trouble getting an invite, see step 4.

For Romulan Republic and AOY Starfleet Captains, you will not be able to join a fleet in-game until you reach level 10 and select a faction to ally with.

Please note that we currently have 4 in-game fleets to handle all of our characters.

Stonewall Fleet
This is our main Starfleet-aligned fleet. Due to fleets having a max of 500 characters, we only allow each member to keep one character in this fleet. You may wish to put your most used character in this fleet.
Deep Space Stonewall
This is the fleet for alt Starfleet-aligned characters.
House of Nagh reD
This is our main and only Klingon Defence Force aligned-fleet characters. Nagh reD means Stone Wall in Klingon.
Stonewall Legion
Legion is a Romulan themed for Romulan Republic characters. Only characters that choose to align with the Federation can join this fleet.
Characters that have not been logged into for 90 days may be removed from in-game fleets as space is needed for more active characters.

Post an Introduction. To become a Member of Stonewall Fleet and the SGN, you need to post an introduction in the Start Here!! section of our Forums. You can also include the information needed to invite your characters in your introduction if you're having trouble getting an invite in-game or would like to have multiple characters invited. Once you have posted your introduction, there is a 14-day introductory period before moving from the rank of Cadet to Member.

To request an invite in your intro post, please include the character name and @handle, for example Nick@NicholasJohn16 or Amun@NicholasJohn16. As well as the fleet you'd like the character invited into. We will send you an offline invite for each character and the next time you log in, you'll be prompted to join the fleet.